master Hairstylist of the Year

This category is designed for those with 15+ years of experience who have mastered their craft. Attention to detail and difficulty of execution count.  Note - Regional winners will become automatic finalists for the USA award.

 hairstylist of the Year

Entrants in this category should have between 5-15 years of experience in our industry. Images should demonstrate a fully realized look that incorporates cutting, hair coloring, styling, makeup and wardrobe. A clear vision and technical precision are important.

 newcomer of the Year

This category is designed to recognize those with less than five years of experience in our industry. Be creative and show us you bring a fresh perspective.

gary howse heart & hands award 

To be considered for the 2021 Gary Howse Heart & Hands Award, please submit an essay of 500 words or less outlining your salon's commitment to enriching bout the beauty industry and your community. Submissions will be assessed by NWHA committee members.  Final nominee essays will be judged by Manuel Benevich.  Please include your salon's mission statement and any supplemental materials to support your entry. Entries must be received by the NWHA submission deadline.

hair Colorist of the Year

Difficulty, taste and execution are key in this category. Be ambitious while demonstrating the type of colorist you are. Whether it’s classic color or fashion color, it is essential to showcase your mastery of technical skills. Remember, NO synthetic hair of any kind is allowed in this category. Human hair wigs, hairpieces, and extensions ARE allowed. Note - Regional winners will become automatic finalists for the USA award.

barbering stylist of the year

Submissions in this category should demonstrate techniques that are fundamental to the world of barbering. Clipper work is essential. Diversity in model choices is allowed and encouraged.

avant garde

hairstylist of the Year 

Embrace the unusual and show us your wildest hair fantasies. This is your opportunity to be experimental. The only limitation is ensuring that you present a cohesive collection.

makeup artist of the Year

Whether it’s a classic look or something over-the-top, all images should be cohesive and highlight the skills of the makeup artist. A complete look is important, but submissions in this category should focus primarily on the makeup.

lifetime achievement

This category will not accept submissions and will be nominated by Hair Awards USA Style Council members.