heart & HANDS

In his over thirty years in the beauty industry, Gary Howse believed that it took more than just a dedication to clients to be successful; it also required a deep and genuine commitment to enriching the community he served. Each day, Gary strived to make both he and the world a better place.  His fierce passion was exhibited in everything he touched.  As co-founder of the Gary Manuel Salons and Gary Manuel Aveda Institute, he changed the trajectory of countless lives by making education a cornerstone of his business.  He devoted freely of his time and inspired others to do the same; with Lifelong AIDS Alliance and Puget Soundkeeper Alliance being two of his most passionate causes.  As Gary said, "Stop keeping score.  Just give."

The Gary Howse Heart and Hands Award was created in 2014 to honor his legacy and to recognize salons who represent his passion for innovating our industry.  Progress is made not only through technical mastery, but also by raising up the world around us through philanthropy and environmentalism.  In the beauty industry, we have a singular ability to use the instrument of our craft to impact the world on an extraordinarily profound level.  Hands and Heart.  Heart and Hands

To be considered for the 2022 Gary Howse Heart & Hands Award, please submit an essay of 500 words or less outlining your salon's commitment to enriching bout the beauty industry and your community.


Submissions will be assessed by NWHA committee members.  Final nominee essays will be judged by Manuel Benevich.  Please include your salon's mission statement and any supplemental materials to support your entry. Entries must be received by the NWHA submission deadline.